Brand Story

ANECDOTTE comes from the word anecdote which means “short amusing stories”. During the most difficult time of her life, our founder survived financial and physical hardships through the support of her small, close-knit community of women – who loved to share funny stories to uplift each other’s spirits.

Hence the name ANECDOTTE, which symbolizes her survival and rise through unwavering support and shared laughter.

The mission behind the brand is inspired by the founder’s experience growing up as a minority Muslim, and later on, as an ambitious, active young Muslim woman in the corporate career. She realized that there were very limited choices for actual modest wear that was designed to look well-fitted, modern and suitable for various occasions.

For Muslim women, our clothing is the most visible expression of our Muslim identity. It has also been an unintended invitation to bias and misconception due to the stigma attached to ”looking” like a Muslim.

ANECDOTTE is conceived so that Muslim women could have wardrobe choices they are excited and proud to put every day, and help elevate their lifestyles without compromising their core identity. And its main premise is that Muslim women’s styles can speak confidence and success, invite opportunities for progress and help create an impactful connections with others.

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